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Year 6

SATs Timetable

SATs Timetable 1

SATs Revision Tools


CPG produce some excellent materials and are well priced compared to most in the market. They offer maths, reading and grammar question books.


BBC Bitesize has a wealth of information on it and is a really useful online tool.


TT Rockstars is an app or website that children have access to and should be encouraged to spend 10 minutes or so on to fine tune or improve their times tables knowledge - it really underpins the majority of topics in mathematics.


Children have been given a log in for Mathletics and are invited to keep using this. They are astute enough to have identified the areas they need to be working on.



Feedback from home about the books the children receive isn't always positive. While we appreciate that at times it may not be something your child would choose to read, they are being given it for a good reason. The books come from a well researched provider and are given to the children to improve their reading and comprehension. The children have ample opportunity to read for pleasure in school and we are blessed to have a library at the end of the lane which is open 3 times in midweek (Monday, Wednesday and Friday).


I appreciate that some members of the class will be reading independently - this is fine by me. Question them on their book (a good resource to help with this is provided below) and also, to help with their voice stamina, encourage them to read out loud if it is appropriate (even if they are reading on their own).


Guided Reading will continue to be done together and incorporated into these sessions we will use ERIC tasks to familiarise ourselves with the different type of questions we might face in a comprehension task. An example of an ERIC task can be found below.

Reading Questions

ERIC Example

ERIC Example 1



Homework will continue to be given out on a Thursday and taken in on a Tuesday. The homework your child is set now consists of 4 pieces. There will be; a maths sheet with a variety of tasks on, a grammar sheet, a set of spellings and a talk token. I have told the children to prepare themselves for an increase in the amount of homework compared to previous years. The work will range from Year 4 level to Year 6 level - just like their SATS tests will in May so some weeks may seem more complicated than others.


After Christmas, we are going to be working more on the Year 6 syllabus and children might find this more challenging. If they encounter any problems at home, encourage them to come in with their work on Friday or Monday and we can discuss it.


Talk Tokens are meant to encourage the children to become more confident in explaining things they have learnt, as well as engaging in conversation with an adult of their choice at home. Any feedback, please leave on the talk token (all is appreciated).