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Year 2

Good morning Year 2. I hope that you had a lovely weekend and maybe even had chance to see some family members that you haven't seen for a while.


Remember to keep playing on Mathletics this week to try to get 1000 points each for a bronze certificate. Also there will be a comprehension activity each day for you to complete. 



Your home learning activities are below.  There will be Maths and English activities set every day and some other, hopefully fun and interesting activities, that you can do throughout the week. Please keep on sending me your work as I love to see how you are getting on.


If you have any questions or if you need help to complete any of the tasks please feel free to email:





Home learning tasks - Monday 6th July

Home learning tasks - Monday 6th July 1

A Tale of Two Feathers - Reading Comprehension - Choose your difficulty level from 1, 2 or 3.

The Quangle Wangle's Hat - Talk4Writing

Grammar Hammer - Questions 1 - 15

Grammar Hammer - Questions 1 - 15 1
White Rose Home Learning.

Problems of the day - Day 9 and Day 10 (Orange/brown sheet is suitable for Year 2)

Answers to Problem of the Day

Remember that you can complete these activities at any time during the week.

Remember that you can complete these activities at any time during the week.  1
  • Science: Can you make a helmet to protect a hardboiled egg? Cover a hardboiled egg in two layers of material. Do the same with three other eggs but using a different material each time. Which material was the best to protect the egg? Test two materials you think will work well and two that you think won’t be very protective (e.g. bubble wrap, tissue paper, cotton wool, cardboard, carrier bag, newspaper, printer paper, etc.) Drop the eggs from a height of one metre. How will you record the results?

  • After finding out the best material for protecting the egg, children need to find out how good it actually is. Using their best material they should repeat the experiment but dropping the egg from increasing heights (for health and safety reasons, adults will need to do the ‘launching/dropping’). What is the tallest height that the egg can be dropped from before the egg breaks?

R.E. – Pentecost is thought of as the birthday of the church. Why? Lots of people who became Christians that day. Make a card for the birthday of the church. You could decorate it with some of the symbols used in Christianity.



Watch the animation and read the vocabulary words.

Complete the activities:
Activity 1 – Complete the quiz

Activity 2 – Draw pictures of the seasons by folding a piece of paper into quarters.

Activity 3 – Play Pirate Bunnies – World Adventures

Design and Technology


Find out about how energy is produced.

Learn about fossil fuels and renewable energy sources

Learn about the advantages and disadvantages

Watch the two video clips.


1. Complete the renewable and non-renewable energy wordsearch

2. Create a plan of your home or school to show how you could make use of renewable energy sources such as solar panels, wind turbines or water wheels.

Energy wordsearch

Complete your choice of activities

I have made a thermometer, this how I made it.


You will need, a clear straw, some card, scissors, cold water, modelling clay or blue tac, food colouring, pens and a glass bottle.


First pour cold water into the bottle add a few drops of food colouring. Next put the straw and put the clay around the straw so it is air tight. Then blow into the straw until the water rises half way up. After that cut 2 slits into the card then push your straw through. When the water is half way up get the black pen and mark the card this shows room temperature. Put the bottle into something warm the water will slowly rise then mark the card again in red. Finally put your bottle somewhere cold the water will slowly go down then mark it in the blue pen.


You may need help of an adult.

Emily's Number Poem

Emily's Number Poem 1

Rosa Parks Reading Comprehension - Choose your level of difficulty from 1 star to 3 stars

The Hodgeheg - Cracking Comprehension

Cracking Comprehension - Pages 140 - 143

Darcey's Mary Seacole Powerpoint

Lily's Mary Seacole PowerPoint

Lewis Hamilton - Reading Comprehension (Choose your difficulty level from 1 star to 3 stars)

Make your own lava lamp experiment by Theo

Growing vegetables, Tudor houses, new compound words and tomato facts

A fantastic story about a pirate and a mermaid

Science Selfies - If you complete any science experiments or see any interesting science then send your pictures to the year 2 email address.


Darcey has made soap! She had to work with clear glycerin weighing and measuring out 4 equal parts, adding scents and using a colour chart and pipette before mixing primary colours to achieve the shade she wanted for each layer. Then she had to allow each layer to cool before making another as she wanted to create rainbow soap! She has loved doing it.

Rainbow soap and bouncing eggs!

Science Selfie - Skittles Chromatography

Cracking Comprehension - Mr Buzz

Marcus Rashford - Reading Comprehension (Choose your difficulty level from 1 - 3)

Problems of the day - Day 3 and Day 4 (Orange/brown sheet is suitable for Year 2)

The Bog Baby - Cracking Comprehension

Jake The Good Bad Dog - Cracking Comprehension

Superhero powers...What are yours?

Superhero powers...What are yours? 1

SPaG mat 4 - Choose your level from 1 star to 3 star difficulty level

Welcome to Year 2!

Welcome to Year 2! 1
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