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Our school's Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo) is Mr James Kewley.  The SENCo can be contacted via the main school office contact details or please come into the school directly.

SEND Policy

Blackburn with Darwen SEND Local Offer Information

'Understanding Together' (U.T.) - Parent/Carer Forum

Example Symbol Cards

Care for the Family - Top Tips for supporting families who have children with additional needs

Suggested Facebook Groups/Pages and Websites relating to SEND

See Dyslexia Differently

This animation seeks to preempt misconceptions among young audiences by shedding light on the real challenges dyslexic children face whilst also acknowledging their strengths and potential. A supporting teaching resource can be found here: It was created by the British Dyslexia Association with funding from the DfE alongside the mobile first website to support dyslexic people and to encourage people to 'See dyslexia differently'.

Brain Development - How to help build it!

This 'Brain Builders' video explains how experiences in the first years of our lives affect how our brains form. Science tells us that the stress of abuse or neglect can damage the basic structures of a child's developing brain. Without the right help, it can put them at risk of a lifetime of health problems, developmental issues and addiction.

What is Autism?

Around 1 in 100 people are living with autism. They are our colleagues, friends,classmates and neighbours. Take some time to understand. Find out more at

Can you make it to the end? - Sensory Processing Difficulties

Understand autism, the person and what to do. Visit I'm not naughty. I'm autistic. For autistic people like me, the world can be a terrifying place. Sometimes sounds feel like my head is exploding. Clothes feel like my skin is burning. And when a tiny thing changes, it feels like my world is ending.

Developmental Language Disorder (DLD 1-2-3)

Do you know about Developmental Language Disorder (DLD)? Eddie & Dyls (9yrs) find out about DLD 1-2-3! Please add your comments and do send us links to your own videos. We will be moderating comments in the interests of the interviewees. To keep informed about new films remember to click SUBSCRIBE - subscribing is free.


Fixer Abi Hocking, 18, from Porthleven, Cornwall, has dyspraxia. She helped make this animation to promote awareness of the condition. Click here to read more about this Fixer's campaign: *Disclaimer: As a charity which covers every issue, we do not claim to have expertise in any particular area.

School SEN Funding Arrangements