Children's Clubs 2021 - 2022

As part of our commitment towards guiding our children to live fulfilling lives, we are passionate about ensuring every child has the opportunity to develop talents and skills at St. Francis School and not just during lessons!  We offer a wide range of lunchtime and after-school clubs - especially now that Covid restrictions have largely been removed.  We do continue, however, to keep club numbers to a limit as much as possible, thereby reducing the potential spread of any new infections.  We also try to keep clubs operating for single classes unless they are to take place outside.

Our Sportscool providers are also part of our extra-curricular club offer, and have delivered sports-related clubs from Reception class to Y6 throughout the year.

The clubs we are offering this year are based on those chosen by our children across school.  Our School Council surveyed every child and the clubs list was born!  

We also take part in borough-wide tournaments and competitions - such as swimming galas, gymnastics, football and athletics tournaments; and singing events such as Sing Together and Young Voices.





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