Autumn 2 Learning

In Autumn 2 we are learning all about Belonging.

We are wondering about:

Who we belong to and how belonging makes us feel.  

Which groups we belong to and who else is in these groups.

Where objects belong and which items belong together.

Talk about family and friends:


We will be learning the Nursery Rhymes Baa Baa Black Sheep and Hey Diddle Diddle as well as the Traditional Tale of The Enormous Turnip.  Then we will change the characters' names to names of people we know to make new rhymes and stories. 

We will be reading Owl Babies, Where's Spot, Hug and Come On Daisy.      

Phonics: Letters and Sounds Phase 3

Handwriting: Letter Join

Online Learning: Purple Mash

Autumn 2 Home Learning Challenges:

Talk about the pictures.  Which objects belong together and why?

Which other objects can you think of that belong together?

Look around your house and find objects that belong in each room.

Write a list of items that belong in the same group (colours, toys, animals, food...)

A lamb belongs to a sheep.  A kid belongs to a goat.