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St Francis C of E Primary School

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Autumn 2 Learning

Food Around the World 


This term we are finding out about:

  • Where different foods come from 
  • How Fair Trade affects the  food we eat 
  • Food Scandals in the Media 


In English we are reading the texts:

'Kidnapped' with the aim to write a story including suspense and dialogue 


and 'Yes- UFOs do Exist' with the aim of writing a persuasive one - sided (biased) argument.

In Science we are investigating the properties of Materials.

We will aim to:

  • use scientific vocabulary 
  • explore thermal insulators and conductors
  • plan and conduct an investigation testing various properties of materials 


Sing Together Songs 

We have been working incredibly hard over the Autumn term to practise for our Sing Together Peformance! 

Keep practising at home! 


Our performance will take place on Thursday 5th March at King George's Hall.

Tonight's the Night

Track All Parts Whatever I Am.mp3


Track All Parts Superhero.mp3

Track All Parts Learning To Be Me.mp3

Track All Parts Only One.mp3