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St Francis C of E Primary School

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Autumn 2 Learning

English work


Image result for elf poemsImage result for elves and the shoemaker


We will be learning some poems about elves and performing them with actions.

We will then be reading the story of 'The Elves and The Shoemaker' and performing it in a Talk For Writing style. This will lead into writing our own versions of the story and eventually writing our own traditional tale.

Maths work


We will be looking at addition and subtraction in different contexts. We will then use this to solve some mathematical problems.


We will be looking at measurement including the use of money. We will start by reminding ourselves about the value of coins and move on to solving problems and reasoning.


vWe will start working on our 2 and 10 times tables and begin to recall them as we get closer to Christmas.






In our Science work we will be looking at what humans and animals need to survive and to stay healthy. We will learning about the importance of healthy eating, exercise and hygiene to keep us 'Fighting Fit'.


As part of your child's homework during this half term I would like them to take some 'Science Selfies'. This would involve having their photo taken by anything that relates to our Science areas of learning. They would need to be able to explain their selfie choice and I would like to display the best selfies and explanations on our webpage.



Our R.E. area of learning for this half term is Christmas Good News. We will be learning about the importance of this good news being spread to allow us to be Christians today. We will also be learning about the holy books of other faiths and their importance to people of those faiths.



In our ICT work we will be learning how to edit a game on Scratch. We will be changing the sprites sprite and seeing how this affects the programme.. We will then be able to debug the programme so that the game continues to be playable.


Children can access Scratch at home via the website below. They can then use what they have learned in class to edit the tennis game that we are working on using their own imagination.



During this half term we will be looking at the work of the Swedish sculpture Claes Oldenburg. We will be experimenting with making marks with different grades of pencil and begin to show awareness of 3-D drawing. We will move on to sculpting fruit and vegetables out of clay.