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St Francis C of E Primary School

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Autumn 1

No Nonsense Spelling

This half term, we are learning all about electricity! 


In Science, we will be learning to make our own simple circuits, including finding out about conductors and insulators. We will use this knowledge to make our own light-up cards in DT.


We have been learning about plasma balls, which we found very exciting! Do you know how a plasma ball works? 


We built our own circuits using wires, crocodile clips, bulbs and batteries. We found out that using more than one battery made the bulb brighter. 


We decided to test to see if we could find objects which would allow the circuit to remain complete even without the wires touching both sides of the battery. We found out that metal objects allow this to happen! Mr Kewley challenged us to see if a banana would do the same thing - that's next week's investigation!

In Maths, we have learned to round 3 digit numbers to the nearest ten using number lines to help us. We also found a great rounding song on BBC Supermovers!