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St Francis C of E Primary School

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Autumn 1 Learning

Year 1 and Year 2 Common Exception Words

English work



We will be learning some poems and writing some poetry of our own.

We will then be looking at the story of 'The Greedy Fox' and innovating to make stories of our own.

Maths work


We will be looking at Place Value including how much each digit is worth in 2 digit numbers. We will then use this to solve some mathematical problems.


We will start working on our 2 and 10 times tables and begin to recall them.


Children should be familiar with a 100 square and it can be a useful aid in adding numbers.

At the top of the page is a link to Splat square 100 which can be used by children to add 10s to numbers either by counting on 10 or moving 1 square down on the 100 square.





In our ICT work we will be learning how to use Scratch. We will be making or finding our own sprite and creating or finding our own background. We will then be able to make our sprite move and investigate other ways that we can control it.

Geography Work


In Geography we are looking at our local area. We will be looking at local landmarks that we know such as play areas. We will be identifying both good and bad features and suggesting possible improvements.



History Work


In our History work we will be looking at the area where we live and how things have changed. We will find out about what school was like in the past and how our own school has changed.


We will be welcoming a visitor to our class from Blackburn Museum. He will be able to show us some artefacts and answer lots of questions about how Blackburn has changed through time.

P. E. 


In P. E. we will be improving our throwing and catching skills. We will be improving our control and accuracy.

R.E. work


In our R.E. we will be thinking about special books and linking this to the Bible and how it is special to Christians. We will then move on to thinking about holy books for other faiths.

Art and Design


In Art and Design we will be drawing and printmaking. We will use a variety of different media to try to recreate some buildings and landmarks that can be seen in our local area.