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Year 6

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The children (and I!) seem to have settled well and quickly into Year 6. We have discussed what it means to be a Year 6 child and we are trying to take responsibility for our actions and 'be the example'. This is a phrase that the children have heard a lot from me this first two weeks and one they will be hearing throughout the year. They have so far risen to the challenge impeccably and have been lining up, moving through school and sitting in assemblies excellently - a real credit to themselves.

Autumn 1 Overview

This half term's theme is 'Survival!'. This is heavily science based but it will be affecting other areas of the curriculum too including Geography and our Class Read to name but a few.



This half term we are 'Writing to Entertain'. Our first piece of writing is based on an extract called 'Kidnapped!' and we will be using our Talk For Writing methods that the children will now be accustomed to. The aim of the piece is to entertain through tension. We will be working on this piece for the first three weeks.

Guided Reading has had a revamp in school and will now be completed daily, as a class. With the help of ERIC (more on this later) and one text per week we are hopefully going to build strong readers capable of being able to answer the 4 types of question they will face in exam situations - Explain, Retrieve, Inference and Choice. Ask your child what type of questions they have faced so far in our ERIC warm ups...



The focus for the first 2 weeks of our maths curriculum in Year 6 is place value, then the following 4 weeks is the four operations. Children will be challenged on fluency, reasoning and problem solving in all areas of maths this year.

First thing in a morning we are completing 'Morning Maths' while the register is being completed. This will be different every day and cover all areas that the children may be tested on in the SATS. Importantly, it will not be linked to the work we are currently covering in lessons.

Punctuality has been first rate so far and I hope this can be continued so the children aren't missing any of their invaluable 'Morning Maths'.



The first half term will hopefully take place outside and we are studying tennis and rugby. Please ensure your child's kit is in school on Tuesday and Friday.

Reading Days


We are continuing to change the children's reading books weekly. Your child has a day when their book will need to be in school and this has been written on the front of their reading record. Please could all parents and carers make sure that they have signed their child's reading record before it is brought back in to school.


I appreciate that some members of the class will be reading independently - this is fine by me. Question them on their book (a good resource to help with this is provided below) and also, to help with their voice stamina, encourage them to read out loud if it is appropriate (even if they are reading on their own).

Reading Questions



Homework will continue to be given out on a Thursday and taken in on a Tuesday. The homework your child is set now consists of 4 pieces. There will be; a maths sheet with a variety of tasks on, a grammar sheet, a set of spellings and a talk token. I have told the children to prepare themselves for an increase in the amount of homework compared to previous years. The work will range from Year 4 level to Year 6 level - just like their SATS tests will in May so some weeks may seem more complicated than others.


Talk Tokens are meant to encourage the children to become more confident in explaining things they have learnt, as well as engaging in conversation with an adult of their choice at home. Any feedback, please leave on the talk token (all is appreciated).