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Our Author for the Summer Term is the famous British writer...






Typical Year 5 Expectations

Typical Year 5 Expectations 1


Some of our SPUMMER TERM learning includes:


(Topic) Ancient Egypt

We will be learning about the the Ancient Ehyptians - a popular topic! This will include an in-depth look at Pharaohs and Pyramids, Mythology and Mummification and how their civilization was able to flourish!



(Science) 'Living Things'


Our Science topic is 'Living Things', including Humans. We look at life cycles, habitats and classifications to broaden our understanding of biological science.



You can extent your Science knowledge on the BBC Bitesize website here:




(Computing) - Cryptographers


In our first Summer Term unit, we will look at becoming digital Cyptographers!


Meanwhile, further to our Scratch learning from Spring Term, you can still access the free software here:


(P.E.) Cricket & Swimming


In Summer Term I, P.E. for Year 5 is scheduled to be on Monday afternoon (Cricket) and Friday afternoon (Swimming), but please have kit in school every day, as we rely on good weather for outside activities and our timetable may change at short notice!


Other great links for you to explore:


MATHS - Try these terrific games, which aim to improve your mental maths skills!


R.E. - Want to reinforce your understanding of the 6 Major Faiths? Look here!


FRENCH - C'est facile! ("It's Easy!"). Check out this website




Don't forget we have our very own St Francis Kids Zone with lots of fun games to play and develop your learning!

I've travelled the world twice over,

Met the famous; saints and sinners,
Poets and artists, kings and queens,

Old stars and hopeful beginners,
I've been where no-one's been before,
Learned secrets from writers and cooks

All with one library ticket...
To the wonderful world of books.




Picture 1 Mr Wootton thought for some time...
Picture 2

A note for parents:




These are changed daily in Year 5, provided that:

1) Your child has a signed reading record confirming the book is finished, and
2) Your child independently puts their book into the 'Changing Basket' for Mrs Maginn, during morning registration!

Books are changed by 9.30am - if your child forgets this routine, they may not have an opportunity to change the book that day!



Sent home on a Thursday.

Due back in school no later than the following Tuesday.


Weekly Homework overviews will be placed in your child's Homework Diary.

Homework diaries need to be signed weekly to confirm parents have seen the homework set.


Where possible in Year 5, Homework should be completed as independently by your child as possible.

Homework is intended to reinforce and build upon learning objectives covered during our school week so your child should be able to complete the tasks set on their own, provided that their learning in class has been effective! If you have any concerns, please come and see me.


In addition to weekly homework (Project, Maths and Spellings), in Year 5 it is the expectation that children will complete some time on Mathletics to support their learning independently and also change their reading book every week.



Is it an Emergency 1?

Is it an Emergency 2?

Is it an Emergency 3?

Is it an Emergency 4?

Is it an Emergency 5?

Is it an Emergency 6?

Is it an Emergency 7?

Is it an Emergency 8?