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Sports Premium

Sports Pupil Premium 2016/17

Sports Pupil Premium 2017-18

The 'School Sports Premium' & St Francis CE Primary School


As you may be aware, 2012 the Government committed to spending more than £450 million to improve Physical Education (P.E.) and Sport in primary schools, over 3 academic years, from 2013-2016. This funding pledge was then extended twice, ensuring funding for schools through 2020.


This funding - provided jointly by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport - is allocated directly to primary school headteachers, and is 'ring-fenced', meaning it can only be spent on provision of PE and sport in schools.


As of September 2013, St Francis CE Primary School is accountable to OFSTED for the decisions it makes with regard to the use of this funding, which comprises a grant of £8,000 plus £5 per pupil on roll, per annum for the funding period (payable in installments).


As a school, we strongly believe that:


  • The main impact of this funding should be felt by all pupils across the school, particularly with respect  to the quality of teaching and learning within PE lessons, opportunities to participate in a variety of fun and active after-school sports clubs and in pupil attitudes towards health and physical activity.
  • Any expenditure should (where possible) have a sustainable impact for pupils and staff at St Francis beyond the end of the funding window in 2020, which specifically seeks to meet the aims above.


A summary of the main and projected expenditure (through 2016) is provided below: 





Discounted After-School Club Offering

In addition to clubs already run without cost by staff in school, St Francis has arranged an annual programme of exciting 'Wednesday' After-School Clubs run by our partners at Sport-S-Cool, which can be accessed by all pupils. For each of the past four academic years, the school will use part of the School Sports Premium to subsidise the cost of these clubs, by way of a voucher for all pupils. (Each pupil will be eligible for a £5 discount off the standard cost of a Sport-S-Cool Club, reducing the cost to £15 for a 5 week club, or just £3 per session). This has resulted in a significantly increased uptake in physical activity in school through attendance at these clubs.


You can visit our Sport-S-Cool club page for more details on the clubs on offer in 2016/17


In 2013/14, our first year, 168 places had been allocated to pupils in Sport-S-Cool clubs, of which 100 were unique attendees. Of these, 95 had used vouchers to discount the club. This use of funding has been highly successful and will continue for the forseeable future.


School Games Organiser - Service Level Agreement

(Competition & Support Package)

St Francis has bought into a Borough-wide Service Level Agreement (payable annually), which is run by the BwD School Games Organiser and provides access to an extensive BwD Competitive Sporting Calendar for the academic year (Football, Netball, Cross-Country, Outdoor and Sports Hall Athletics, Cricket amongst others) as well as other 'friendly' festivals, including the Celebration of Dance.  These opportunities for competitive sport and participation are a vital aspect of the school's commitment to creating an 'join-in', active environment.


The SLA also provides St Francis with a support network with ongoing ad-hoc CPD & training opportunities, access to SEN-Specific Sporting events (such as the Boccia Leagues and Paralympic Festivals, both of which St Francis has already accessed), training and resources for a new pupil-led playground leader scheme (which commenced at St Francis in April 2014) and a free half-term club for our pupils (Previously this has included KS1 Athletics, KS2 Cricket with coaching professionals and a gifted and talented sports development club) In class support for teachers has also been accessed.


More details can be found the SGO website.


Staff Training and Development (High Quality P.E.)

The school has used part of the funding to enable all members of the teaching staff to access specialist P.E. training, to help address specifically identified teaching needs, and help improve the school's overall quality-first teaching in the subject. Staff members have received specialist PE training in both academic years and disseminated their knowledge to St Francis staff on return to school.


Intra-School Competition ('House Sports') (2013/14)

Part of the funding is being used to help develop and embed a calendar of competitive sporting events, in support of our House System at St Francis.  This ongoing project ensures that all of our Junior pupils will participate in (and in the case of our Sporting House Captains, take a leadership role in assisting) a series of Key Stage 2 Sporting competitions throughout the academic year. In 2013/14, this included a football, netball, speedstacking, dodgeball and rounders events.


Playleader 'PALS' Scheme - Equipment

Commencing in April 2014, our Year 3 Pupils took on the role of playground leaders, having received training in Spring Term. As part of our commitment to an active, happy and participation-for-all playground, St Francis will be investing in extensive additional equipment to help enhance the games and activities offered by our pupils and for general use at playtimes to develop children's fundamental movement skills in summer 2016 and beyond.


Gifted & Talented Performers

St Francis has used part of its funding to equip and prepare a Gifted & Talented Dancers club, which performed at the King George's Hall in March 2014, 2015, 2016 and will do so again in 2017. Children chosen for this club were identified by staff and subsequently through an audition process, leading into an after-school club lasting for around 7 weeks during Spring Term in both years.


The school has also used part of its funding to pay to have children identified as Gifted and Talented at PE in Years 3-6 to attend half term multi-sports development camps at St Bedes, with senior coaches for several years, including 2016/17.


iPad Apps: Resourcing

A small proportion of the funding has been budgeted to add specific PE apps to the School iPads, with the aim of finding new and inspiring ways to enhance progress in the subject, as well as increasing enjoyment


2016: Low Level Trail Installation

As part of a larger capital project, in Spring 2016, St Francis began installing a comprehensive low-level trail on the school field. This activity centre has been built to support PE lessons with motor skills content, particularly for Early Years and KS1 pupils, and provide an enjoyable way for children to develop a mixture of balancing skills, agility, interweaving,  coordination, climbing, and upper body strength at play times. The trail has been universally well used and enjoyed by all.


2017: Playtime Equipment Funding

In 2017, as part of our effort to enhance play time physical activity a program of purchases was made to increase the number of items available to lunchtime supervisors for structured sporting games. The new equipment trolley, which has items designed to improve hand-eye coordination and ball skills, is available for dry-day playtimes, which some of our older children will oversee the management of.

Further information about funding will appear on this page when projects are completed.

Last Updated: March 2017